What did you use to do before phone/internet?


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Phones have been around longer than I have, and I used the mail more before the internet.

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I remember when we got our first phone, it was a two party line.

Before that the mail was means of communication fir people out of town. Walk down the street to talk to neighbors.

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I rarely use my cell phone.  I still write letters by hand, but not as much since the advent of email.

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The first landline phone number I remember from my childhood about 65 years ago had only 5 digits.  Before I moved to Texas, they added an exchange, "Cherry" plus the five digits.

Land lines and answering machines until, for me, the internet in the early 90's.

Never was a letter writer of any kind.  My father's sister always sent me a $3.00 check for my birthday and I equated a thank-you note withe pulling a tooth.  I finally stopped cashing the check so that I wouldn't have to write the thank you note.   (ADD people like myself dread producing written output.)

I avoid Skype like the plague---I tend to wear just underwear around the house.

Email---or reluctantly, text---is preferred by me now.

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Call me Z
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It was so long ago you still had to pull the string tight, eh Tom?
Tom  Jackson
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Yes, but it was a small town and the houses were close---lol
Tom  Jackson
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My grandparents had a phone that had no "curls" in the handset line.
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Go outside play games, study and help out the community. For that matter still do.

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I didn't get my first Sprint cell phone to year 2000 and didn't get the Internet to the year 2006 . I used dial up for while than went to DSL .

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Straight Edge  Society
We have 878 area code added in like the year 1997-99 to overlay for the State of Pennsylvania . I live in 724 and 412
well when them numbers run out you will be assign 878 area code . I had receptionist at the my dentist officer ask me where i get a number with 878 well i told her it's been around for years and Pennsylvania just started using it in like 2001-2002. So it's been roughly like 17 years now.
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Wow!!! Interesting! In California where I lived I remember when the area code had to split off to. We had 909 but got 951 in the split. 🙃
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Landline phone. We had a party line growing up. Private lines cost more. Eventually everyone on our partyline got private lines. We still had a party line with no one else on it. The only problem with that is you couldn't use a touch tone phone. It had to be a rotary phone. Oh how I hated phone numbers with 8s and 9s.

Most of my internet usage is to get information. Before the internet that meant a trip to the library.

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Oh boy! I feel like such a fool! 😲 I thought a party line was like a 1 900 dirty line! 😂😂😂😂 Too FUNNY! I am so glad you cleared it up some for me! 😆

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