Hey friends! What's everyone up to, tonight? Its after 10pm where I am.


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ML Baseball & my team is winning ☺

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Meg. Just about getting ready to hit the sack.

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I took the new sofa for a test drive nap. It passed with flying colors!

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Studying 😭😭😭

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Flora Huang
Flora Huang commented
Biology. Hardest class ever! Many ppl are failing right now, but luckily I’m at a B+ πŸ˜”
Joyce Hall
Joyce Hall commented
Good work! So what do u want to do with it? Life plan.
Flora Huang
Flora Huang commented
I don't even know what I wanna be when I grow up πŸ˜‚. All freshmen and my high school has to take either bio or honours bio
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#root: "friends" unknown command. Out of cheese error 42. Please reboot internet.

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Nothing much here just got done watching on TV . Mama June : From Not to Hot  really not too bad me and my cousin watch that show that's got the Honey Boo Boo family on there. There is lot drama and chaos on it but i can handle it pretty good . :) :) Have a Great Evening/ Night Hope your Weekend is Blessed :) :)

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Well, I do not have much planned for tonight. I have some
work to complete, make dinner then just chill a little bit. It is only Monday
and I already feel tired! I think I will watch a movie and then head to bed a
little early to get some rest. 

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