How to compliment people?


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First never compliment that person whom you didn't feel by heart. Always compliment others by heart but  never hurt the feelings of others always be polite

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We all love compliments! This has been scientifically proven many times, but you do not have to be a scientist to know it, because compliments have a very magical power and improving life quality. They can stimulate activity, motivate you to continue your activity, and positively raise adrenaline. However, remember that to receive compliments from others, we should also give them to them. But how to do it to be sincere and unforced? When the compliment sounds artificial, it is able to hurt much more than not saying anything, because it is often proven that saying silence is gold ... How to compliment, that others would listen to them, so that they would not be a reason for harshness and that others would accept eat them positively?

Never feel obliged to return the compliment to the person who told you something nice, for example about your outfit, if you think that the other person looks terrible that day. Do not force yourself to say things that in normal circumstances you would not say in your life (ie if you had not heard a compliment about yourself before), all you need is a smile and the magic word "thank you", and it will be time to come back for a recipe :)

If you speak a compliment, never expect reciprocation. If this happens, you will be surprised, but it's better not to be focused on it, because you can bitterly disappoint.

Do not use fancy compliments, they do not work on all of them. So if you want to pick up a girl you do not know well yet and do not know what she likes, do not admire her "a piece of sky in your eyes" or "angel hair", do not try to say that you have to thank her mother for the fact that she spent on world such a treasure ... Simple enough words - eg "I like when you smile", "your eyes are beautiful", "I am very happy that I met you, you are a special person". If you enter a different stage of acquaintance, try something more original, but do not expect that it will always be appreciated.

Single compliments (sincere!) Are very cool, but not when they accumulate and become artificial, forced. It's better to make compliments on an occasional basis when something really impresses you than to do it constantly, making them lose value.

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