I found the password for my husband's secret email but I am struggling to find out the email, i have tried many names, gmail, yahoo, hotmail.... can't find it ! I really think he's cheating on me, any help?


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Leelee Bug answered

Thing is, if you look through his email, there's no trust in the relationship. But in a relationship, there also needs to be honesty. If you two can't do those, maybe it's not meant to be. Think about it this way... If hes cheating and catches you trying to look through his email, its gonna backfire on you. He'll blame you and give you a messed up excuse of why he'll leave you. But if you find something and show him, you'll probably break up in a big fight. Thing is, neither way is good. You two need to be honest with each other.

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This is a very strange situation, and I would probably have gone mad if I had been in your place. Probably I would have turned to some private detectives in your place to sort out the situation to the end. I think he hides a lot from you.

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