what annoys you the most ? what do you dislike the most? can be small or big dislikes


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Otis Campbell answered

Rap music.    Its not music .its crap

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Yin And Yang answered

Spammers! Robots!

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Taila Nevado answered

Hello, well I think may people will relate to the thing that
annoys me the most. I hate when the internet connection is cut or there is a
power cut when I am watching a movie. Especially, a suspense film. I get really
mad whenever this happens. It is so irritating!

Firstname Refreshme lastname Profile

Watch batteries. Hard to shop for.  Can't they all be the same size ?

Drivers who tailgate.

Fine print...designed in tiny print to hide bull.

People who drop by without a courtesy call first and then expect you to drop whatever you were doing at the time.

People who don't cover up when they cough or sneeze.

People who promise something but instead they leave you waiting or having to ask.again

People who litter.

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