What type of people do you dislike?


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Liars, cheaters and criminals.

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It specific but I really can't stand a lot of those "emo" people. They're way too attention seeking, and then when they get it, they shut it out and complain they don't get enough attention...too confusing. They might be nice but very hard to read, and hard to be friendly with.

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Chewed Bubblegum
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ok, I'm not gonna get a rise out of this. If that's what you think then that's fine. I'm not targeting everyone in that group, but most people are like this. My best friend is going through this weird phase where she acts just like this. She's really hard to talk to right now and I can't stand her...and she's my best friend! I'm not here to discriminate. I answered the question the way I wanted to
Chewed Bubblegum
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I really don't want to argue with you, I'm sorry if my comment offended you
Chewed Bubblegum
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Thank you Sincerity
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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

For me it's spammers and phonies ! Waste of my time !

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Liars and people who pull your chain making empty promises. People with no sense of remorse or empathy. Racists and rapists. People who use physical force to get their way. People who harm animals for kicks. People who vandalize raising my taxes to fix and repair their deeds. Negative people who always complain instead of trying to fix it. Don't even get me started about terrorists....

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Weeabo anime nerds, bronies, people who draw characters I love as wolves/ponies... Those are the stupid types I don't like. Stupid in a sense that, it's not as serious as a liar...

In turn, I'd have to go with pathological liars, let's face it, we ALL lie. Pathological liars do it constantly and with no effect to them, they simply do not care. I hate people who lie for sympathy.

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Dakota  Mackenzie
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Hate is a strong word and I never used it to describe anything above, I used it to describe pathological liars, that's it.. And to clear up, it's not the people I dislike, I just dislike/don't agree with the same stud they do and or like; it's not hatred, just a disagreement. My disliking of it would never be to the actual person, I have friends who are bronies and I love them to death, I just don't like what they are into. Also, I like anime, but I'm not a weeaboo. Weeaboos are offensive to Japanese culture, they're stereotypical, sorta racist, and plain annoying. I hope I explained that, and I'm sorry for offending you.
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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I can't stand people who think that their opinion is fact. Also, the people who mistake disagreements for hatred. Best of luck to you!

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People who are too lazy to do something themselves, liars, criminals, nuisances etc.

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I'm not too fond of Vampires and PITAs.

Vampires don't actually turn into bats and drink your blood, they're those people who drain you emotionally. They're closely related to PITAs who never seem to be able to cope with life and are always looking for somebody to help them out: Their mothers, their spouses, their friends, or even the government.

PITA is the acronym for Pain In The Butt.

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People who whine, complain, and blame a lot. Especially when it's towards the less fortunate. But it also applies to those less fortunate who do it to themselves and refuse to do anything to improve their standing.

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