i don't like to hang out with people and rather listen to music by myself. does this mean i'm antisocial?


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Kaciey Snows , I am 18, and a senior., answered

Well, depends on how you look at it. Me I just think making friends in high school are pointless, bc none of it will matter in the future, however other people think that its the best years of your life and that you should make as many friends as possible. So it all depends on how you think of it, do you just not like drama, or do you think it is pointless, do you want to remember high school? And if you just think you are antisocial that is completely fine.

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Karl Sagan answered

I usually send her to the kitchen to cook dinner. What kind of stupid questions are you asking anyway? Of course I won't even ask her. Lol I hope everyone bought sarcasm. To be honest, with the help of Tubidy, we were able to resolve our differences by downloading a bunch of music from YouTube. Now we decide what will listen in turn. This solves the problem much more calmly than quarreling over such trifles.

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