What's the hardest conversation that you've had to have with your children to date?


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I had to have the suicide conversation with my children as of late. They are 22 and 26. The topic is rampant at this time. Has not helped that Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington have both chosen to end their lives. Both groups that they were in meant quite a lot to my kids. They say their music got them through some tough times.

Our conversation ended with me saying that life is very hard, but that we get up every day and do our best to get through the day. We as a family are in this thing TOGETHER. No matter what. I'll be here to listen, nothing is so impossible that we can't make it through. So sad that these conversations must take place. Parenting doesn't end when they become adults.

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When we had to put down our "Macey" girl.

She had a tumor on her vertebrae that would have just grown back if we had it removed . . . That reduced the whole family to crying mess.

I'm tearing up just writing about it.

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Sounds nice, but I can't share that same belief.
It was very difficult for me especially with my personal beliefs.
Veronica Dultry
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I knew that, why I made light of it. I didn't want to come right out and say it, so I threw my belief in there in hopes you'd comment on it. No insult intended. I know this is a hard subject.
For me personally whether it is true or not, I have to believe that I'll see her someday. I can be such an extreme realist in my life, almost to the point of obsession. In this one case I allowed it, it was the ONLY way I could move on. If I didn't believe in that I'd still be in bed. Depressed. I think my belief stems from the constant guilt that I have for being the one who had her put down. Shes not suffering but I took her life....
I think I owe you for the session. How much do you charge?
Darik Majoren
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My friend, there was no insult. I love honesty, it is what I seek from all of my friends.
It is the one thing I miss about believing in an after life . . . I had a bunch of pets throughout my life I was convinced I would see again . . . Macey was the first I lost as an atheist . . . I hadn't even realized that until just now. Now I owe you for a session.
Be flying into San Francisco on August 5th . . . looking forward to going around the city by the bay.
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When my son was 15, a classmate of his died suddenly. This was the kind of kid everyone wanted to be around. He had a wonderful sense of humor, lit up a room when he entered, smart, had a ton of friends.

His parents were divorced and he was spending the night with his dad. He was snugged up in bed, texting and calling his friends, as per usual. What was unusual was that he had been "encouraged" by his friends to raid his mom's medicine cabinet and experiment with what he found.

He texted his friends, telling them he didn't feel good. They told him he was okay - he couldn't OD on prescription meds. No one thought anything of it when he didn't respond to their texts. His father went to wake him up the next morning and he had died during the night.

The hardest talk was trying to explain his behavior to my son and the fact that you actually CAN overdose and die from prescription meds when you misuse them. So sad a 15 year old kid has to die because he wanted to try something mom or dad had in their medicine cabinet.

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