She stares at me every time I see her.I smile and wave.She smiles back.We've had small talk.I've had her on social media.I messaged but she said this after a few messeages, "Not to be mean but why the random message".I replied but she didnt.I dont understand?


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Pepper pot answered

We have no idea what you messaged her so this question is difficult to respond to.

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Danae Hitch answered

If you've never actually spoken to her then I can see why she would ask that. Try talking to her in person - without using your phone - and then ask her if she would mind if you messaged her. Having an eyeball-to-eyeball conversation with her changes things.

It gives you a tangible connection. In addition, when you think of her, you will be able to bring up an image of her from your last conversation. You can't get that thru messaging.

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