Has anyone heard from Gator Blu?


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Morning Yin!  Last I heard she got a new RV and was having to use her Hubby's computer when he's not using it.  She said she'd be around occasionally until she got another computer or phone. Don't remember which one. That was a while ago. She posted that in chat. I think I've seen her since then on Answermug. But not for more than a week or two.

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Hey! I can't believe I logged on and this was the first question I see!

Still having computer issues. I called Lenovo to have it fixed and they told me to log onto their site. I told them if I could log on I wouldn't be calling them. (smh) They also tried to tell me my warranty ran out in December. I didn't buy it until May 1st, so that wasn't true. Now I am emailing them a copy of my reciept. I am so frustrated! And my new rv has a flat tire and I haven't gone anywhere yet! I have to call and get that fixed.

Sorry for the vent. I am just frustrated. I hope you are all doing well Hope to be back full time soon! Other than warranty people things are well!

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I've just found out that for certain states this has become a major issue. People are going to their "in network" provider and if that provider sends out to have tests done that is not "in network" or anything that they consider out of network they won't pay. Now they are saying that before I went in to my "in network" hospital I was supposed to call all of the people who might do me a service and find out if the are "in network"? Not like major surgery isn't stressful enough? OMG Tiger, how annoying. What if they only have one option? How am I supposed to make sure it goes to the right provider? Idiots!!!!
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It's good to have you here ... even for a good venting session! :)
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Thanks, Tiger. I'll just keep plugging along. I feel like I've been fussing at someone about these types of issues for months. Always something.
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Gator sent me a postcard from the Cayman Islands. She ran away with Julio Iglesias and they are singing their way across the island.

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