How do I stop being depressed about my broken tooth? It's a front tooth and I have a crown over it but I'm never comfortable with my teeth and I'm always paranoid of it falling out, it sticks out like a sore thumb in my eyes


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Little kittie you could eat across from me and i wouldnt notice hey u have all your teeth be happy when you get old things like teeth fall apart

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I chipped a tooth in November - boy, did that hurt! So in December, the dentist fixed it for me. It wasn't bad enough for a crown. I was more self conscious about the gap until it was fixed than I was about the fix. I'm so happy that no one stares at me now that my tooth is whole, that I don't care about anyone's reaction to the fix.

When you have a gap or you're missing a tooth, everyone's eyes are drawn to that spot. You can't have a conversation with anyone because their eyes are on your teeth. When it's fixed, it's all good. Now they have to focus on my ugly mug when we talk!

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You should tell it to a dentist.

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Tom Jackson answered

I assume your tooth has not had a root canal, so it is still a natural tooth.

just consider that it would have had to be filled on all 6 surfaces to restore it, so the crown is more structurally sound and better protects the tooth.

If you had the crown done recently, you may not be fully used to it yet.

Check with the dentist to be sure; but while your feelings are normal and understandable, they are probably all in your head and you will eventually feel better about it.

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