I have never knew how to do the ovulation calender. So I started my period today does anyone know the best time have sex to get pregnant? I know you can get pregnant anytime but there is a certain time that your ovulating.


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PJ Stein answered

It is about 2 weeks after the first day of your period. They sell ovulation kits, similar to pregnancy tests and in the same aisle in the store, that can help you pinpoint the best time.

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If you are fairly regular , you can expect about 2 weeks after you begin your period is generally the best time to get pregnant. 

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Rylee.......Yes there is, when I decided to get of birth control I started using that method.  Let me say this first, I would suggest that any woman wanting to use this method should do their research.  I brought books on the "Anatomy of Women".  Everyone woman should know her body.  So, rather than tell you what to do how about you do the research, either go to the Library or bookstore, don't get just one book there are many books.  I think you would be more  comfortable reading the information for yourself. 

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