Were you ever told to "Stay in a child's place" growing up and do you believe it is still relevant?


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Frequently. But then, I grew up in the 1940s and it was a different world.

Our own kids never had to face that. We treated them as people and listened to them. MInd you, that's not as democratic as it sounds. Having listened, we would still exercise the parental prerogative when decisions were made. But not exclusively.

I doubt that anybody summed this up better than comedienne Anita Renfroe who managed to encapsulate the whole parent-child relationship into a 2 minutes 55 seconds performance.

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Anonymous.......Most definitely, my siblings and I were raised to mind our own business, speak when spoken too and stay out of grown folks conversation.  Do I think it is still relevant today?  Yes!  However in today's society discipline is not enforced.  Parents hands are tied, they can't discipline their child in public or private for that matter, because now all the child/children has to do is call the police and say they are being abused.  Now, if the child/children turn out to be juvenile delinquents, society looks at the parents as being neglectful and uncaring.  Again, yes I think it's relevant today and being from the old school of discipline I raised mine the same way I was raised and they all have turned out to  be pretty decentt human beings.

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