How do you get your mind off things that worry you?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I just sit down and pull up one of the PC games I test and really get into it. I forget my worries as these games get very intense and I'm on a deadline for testing so they can get put into production. Maybe not the best answer for you but it sure works for me. That and a good book ! Works every time !

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Gator Blue has given the definitive answer. If something troubles you attend to it. If you're frightened of something, face it. If life is getting too much to handle, organise it.

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I try to look at worry in a different way. Here is a quote from a hero that continues to put worry in perspective for me. This brave soul had much to worry.

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Aldrich Ames answered

Playing video games and listening to music. Your hobbies should help.

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For me, it's immediate prayer, leave it and I never worry about things I can't control.

😎 Finally, I do believe worrying causes irreversible wrinkles😣, makes you frown😞 and gives you bad headaches😖.

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I'll admit, I'm a worry wart when it comes to certain aspects of my life, I deal with it best I can, usually it's reading or playing a game, but until the cause of the worry is resolved, the worry never really goes away, it just takes a break!

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I go for a walk in my local woodland, give my mind some time out, get a new perspective, then I may be better equipped to deal with the problem that's worrying me.

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There are some things that will not just go away no matter how hard you wish the worry was not there. I go to journal. Usually in my journal I can see wisdom come out of it and sometimes the worry goes away. :0)

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Can you do anything to improve whatever is worrying you? If so make a plan and do it. If not, accept it and move on. If you are worrying about a "what if..." just prepare as best you can to stop it, and then move. (For example, "What if I get flat tire on my trip?" Have your tires checked before you leave, and that includes the spare. That way you know your tires are good, and if something does damage a tire you have a god spare. Then don't waste anymore time or energy on something that most likely will never happen.)

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If it's something out of my control, I try to concentrate on the things I can manage.  Prayer and reading are both helpful for me.

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Music, binge-watching tv shows, movies, pop-culture gossip, playing video games and cooking help me forget the world and focus on something relaxing or entertaining for my mind.

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If it is something I need to ventilate or get of my chest i like to write it down before I kind off procrastinate the worry with a distracting activity , especially if the worry is about what i would like to say to someone.
Allow yourself to feel worried about it and write those feelings down. You probably never even have to send or do anything with what you wrote, as you can probably relativize it more easily later since you allowed yourself feel worried about it before u went on to distraction.

For the activities providing distraction i join in on the earlier mentioned suggestions of video-games, solving a puzzle etc. Also i suggest going outside, or do some exercise to get the dopamine flowing again. Or do something creative like drawing or singing. You could even use the source of your worries as an inspiration that way.

I find myself more easily distracted from worries with an active rather than a passive activity such as watching tv.

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doing sports on a regular basis really help, reduces stress. Stress is the enemy, so get it out. Do yoga, jogging anything you like. Change your diet to one of the healthy ones. I find running is a great way to be freed of bad thought. Just run like a crazy being.

good luck with life, you are gonna need it ;)

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