Why can't there be superheroes in real life?


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If you are talking about the kind in comic books, it's just that the physics won't allow it. In reality, there are superheroes all around us. Your parents, friends, or even our military. Past, present and future.

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Their are just because they dont fly or have xray vision does not make them a super hero. People giving cars to a poor family thats a hero. Someone giving a ride to a handicapped person is a hero

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There are, just ask this little girl.

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Matt Radiance answered

That's why i hate those Superhero movies like Hulk and Superman. These movies are signs of human weakness.

Human is a born hero creature itself. If you know how powerful your brain is and what is capable of.

Also, we already have many other heroes. Hero is not by flying. Taking bullet in the eye and feel okay or pick up a building with your pinkie. That's stupidity not heroes attitude.

Sometimes someone can save another life with just one smile. That's what heroes attitude is about.

And in America, we have these kind of heroes. Therefore, we don't need those unrealistic comics.

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I've met a few super heroes in my lifetime so far :) I just kicked someone out my house this afternoon who's NOT a superhero... I'm not mad though RAAAAAAAR

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There is a difference between a hero and a superhero.

Police, Firefighters, military, etc ... These are examples of heroes.
But they are NOT superheroes.

Being a superhero requires using abilities beyond that of a normal human, without using technology.  The closest we have in real life, are temporary ... Someone using a burst of adrenaline to life a car off a trapped individual, for example.

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There are HEROS in real life.  They look like military members, police officers, and EMTs. 

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