Is having 5 babies (male or female) with 4 men or women a reason for a doctor to strongly recommend on each visit a vasectomy or tubal ligation?


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I'd say that it's a darn good reason for a woman to never procreate again.

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Considering it is a woman tha actually gives birth ..  guess that would depend  on the dynamics of what the mother had to offer her offspring. Is she able to provide for each child fully and provide a balanced life? Whether it's one child or many makes no difference. They all deserve a good life.  .. Or is she becoming pregnant due  to irresponsibility and has nothing to offer emotionally or monaterily. 

If however, a man is being irresponsible by impregnating many women (by accident) because he won't take 'precautions' .. Of course his irresponsibility is detestable and deserves someone making such a logical suggestion  to get "fixed". .. For the same reasons 

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