Is your life "Drama" or "Calm"? Mine is Calm.


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Is there an "in the middle" option because I feel like my life is more in that category.

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PJ Stein answered

I strive for calm, but extended family doesn't seem to like me to have that.

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otis campbell
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that storm moved fast over florida
PJ Stein
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It did. I got the same amount of rain in 14 hours from it as I did from the hour of a summer squall the day before. I have friends on the west side of the state I haven't seen on Facebook yet this morning so I suspect they are without power.
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One of the nice things about being old is that the surf doesn't pound in very hard. Nice gentle waves that roll up onto the beach and then trickle back down. No dramas.

Gets a bit boring sometimes, though. :(

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I would use the term "tranquil"; not so much drama as to keep me up at night, but just enough to keep me from sleeping all day. Most of our drama is self-generated (at least here at the Z palace), but chance throws us a tilt every so often. I figure it wouldn't be much of a life if it didn't.

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No, I wish it was. Im jelly of your clam enviorment.

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Darik Majoren answered

It is what you tend to make of it . . .

There are those that subconsciously seek drama even though they say they do not. They impulsively make decisions that lead to stressful outcomes within their life just FOR the Drama, but will tell you the drama seeks THEM out.

I tend to be more calm, and try to even handle stressful situations by taking deep breaths as I work my way through them . . . Unless I am hungry and tired . . Then I can be a "Mister Grumpy Pants"

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I'd say both. Usually it's quite calm where I live but occasionally there will be something crazy that's happening. But if its a bad thing I tend to move on from it, if I don't I'll end up like this:

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