How Can I Improve My Welsh Vocabulary?


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You can improve your Welsh vocabulary by studying a few words every day of the week. Do not try to learn more words that what you can handle. If you are able to learn 10 words per day, you should be able to build your vocabulary in no time. When you study the vocabulary words, first you should write each word three to five times each. This not only helps you learn to remember the word, it also trains your hand to write it. As you write the word over and over, say it aloud. Think about the word as you are writing it. Another helpful technique to learn vocabulary is to use flashcards. Try making some small flashcards that you can keep in your pocket or in your purse. You can then take these flashcards out and study them when you are waiting in long lines, waiting for an appointment, or any time and anywhere you have an opportunity to learn the words. The key is to not cram more words than you think you can handle comfortably. Then try using the words in a sentence or in your every day conversations. The more you use the word, the more likely you are to remember it. In order to be successful with your vocabulary building, it is important that you practice your words everyday. Maybe you can create a list of five words on the first day, then every day after that you can add a new word. No matter how you decide to organize and study your words, you will also want to review the old words that you learned on previous days. Depending on your motivation and dedication, you can quickly build your vocabulary in no time.
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You could also have a look at this web site
Gwybodiadur is a resource that has many links for those learning Welsh, tapes books and information on Welsh literature, politics etc.

Have you thought about following a course such as WLPAN? WLPAN is an intense Welsh language course deigned to help anyone from absolute beginners to more advanced learners.
It depends on whether you are learning the Welsh spoken in the North or South of Wales because they tend to be quite different in many ways. Super WLPAN says that the course can get a learner up to GCSE standard in 10 months but you have to be dedicated to stick with the intensity of the course.
You could look at E- Wlpan at
The course was designed by the Department of Adult Continuing Education at the University of Wales, Swansea. It offers an internet package designed to compliment Cwrs Wlpan.
The best way to improve is to speak Welsh and try to think in Welsh. However if no-one around you is a Welsh speaker this is difficult. If you live in Wales, pluck up courage and try to speak Welsh in shops or whenever you have the oppurtunity to do so. Most Welsh speakers will be very pleased to help and glad that you're taking the effort to learn the language.

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