Would you sign a Pre-Nuptial agreement? Have you signed a Pre-Nuptial?


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Maurice Korvo answered

'No, and No..  When two people marry, it should become Us, not You and Me.  A pre-nuptial takes the we out.  You are no longer living life together, but rather each is living their own life while staying under the same roof.

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If I thought a pre-nuptial was necessary, that would mean I thought there was a pretty good chance the marriage wouldn't last - so I wouldn't marry the person in the first place.

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Tom Jackson answered

A pre-nuptial might be advantageous in certain circumstances.

If I were a widower with two young children, then won the powerball, and then got married, I think it would be irresponsible not to.

What if we had a child together and then I died?

Extreme, yes---but that's what lawyers and contracts are for.

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