Are you a worry wart?


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Jann Nikka answered


Worrying is a drain on your inner peace.

IMO "Worrying" gives you  headaches and wrinkles.

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K. B. Baldwin answered

As much as possible I try to go by the "Hundred year ruel". 

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Tom Jackson answered

When I was considerably younger there were a number of things that could happen to me that I considered would be "catastrophic."

Over the years, they all happened, and yet I survived quite nicely.

The two rules: 1) Don't sweat the small stuff.  & 2) Everything is small stuff.

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T Ty answered

I try to follow the advice not to be anxious about the next day because each day will have it's own  troubles. Worrying is a bad habit if done in excess. It can take joy away from  real life by worrying about things that have not happened yet. It is very hard to remember this sometimes but the happiest people deal with  problems one day at a time. Anxiety and worry don't add anything to life.

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