I need help writing a paragraph to my girl about wanting to have a kid?


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Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Let's have a baby,
She'll look just like you.

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Ohhhhh, that must be the Ausie version.
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Probably the Kiwi version. Kiwis and sheep, a bad combination. Take this conversation. I'll clean it up for the kiddies.

"The first time I ever 'did it' her mother stood by watching."
"Really! What did she say?"
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Hmm ..  You need to write a paragraph in order to share with your girlfriend why you want a child?  THAT book report approach sounds an alarm that should shake the entire foundation of your relationship to the core.

Making a lifelong commitment to wanting a family should involve very intimate communication between partners .. Not just a single paragraph written on a piece of paper or worse .. In a text.

You shouldn't have to convince her you want a child, or the importance of having a child with HER .. You should share that undenyable need on a very biological and emotional basis as a couple who are planning their future together.

Planning a future together involves interaction and discussion .. many of them .. FAR more than a paragraph.

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I don't understand.  Put a ring on it and let nature take it's course!

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Listen to ~ Danny's Song

Then rewrite it to suit your needs.

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I have a few issues with this question. First, is you are addressing the prospective mother as "girl". That tends to imply you are young, and may not really be in the best situation to bring a child into this world? Are you and your "girl" even living together? What kind of commitment have you made to one another?

Secondly, why not just talk to her about it? Why do you need to write a paragraph? Honestly if you can't have an open and honest discussion about having a child, how do you expect to have them about raising the child? Asking is nothing compared to the actual raising. There are so many things that go into raising a child like how to discipline, what religion or no religion, who is going to get up in the middle of the night? How about insurance? If you are married you can use a family plan, but if not whose insurance is going to pay for the child?

If you chose to write something, you are going to need pages, not a paragraph.

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I guess i won't be helpful but no writing, if you write such a thing on paper for your girlfriend it's like breaking up with someone by writing! It's the worst way!

This is a very important topic. You need to pick up a time without any stress and tension. Makes her comfortable and tell her that you wanna talk about something important in your relation. Sit, face to face, start your discussion.

Consider you shouldn't sound pushy nor forceful, It's something you need to share and discuss. For having a kid, you both need to be ready and prepared, specially your girl, cause she's the one who gonna have to challenge all the hormonal changes and baby's growth. She need to be ready to start this journey. Otherwise, it's gonna hurt your relation. So be careful to not sound pushy! It's important!

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