Why is it you have to fight for your rights in this world. I have to fight for workers comp rights, food stamp rights...nothing is easy. You have to fight for everything you get, why?


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-Sometimes you have to fight for things because "there are all kind of people out there" you need to fight, be prepared and try to defend from people who are ready to take someone's right away, people who use others as their progress ladder, people who don't care about other's lives, people who back stab, people who lie easily, people who con easily. You have to fight it back to win against them.

-The other type of "fight" which also you point out as "Nothing is easy, you have to fight for everything you get"

-Well, Of course, why it would be easy ? When you earn easy you lose easy, Success is not easy, it needs courage, it needs an organized life, it takes braveness, and my "Triple S" formula, "Sweat, Suffer, Sacrifice" otherwise ? You'll be nowhere, you need to try hard, fight hard and show that you have strength, that you are ready to get what you really want, well you need to prove if you really deserve it, and the only way to prove it is to fight endlessly and not giving up by any cost, to keep moving forward and try to be better day by day, then you'll have it, and when you have it after passing all these, you know what it takes to be here, so you won't mess it up, you won't waste it but you'll glow it more and more to shine and not fall down right after you reached it! 

Success is always hard, specially for those who want to live it. (success can be named as anything to not lose the concentration to your question)

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if your implying why everything is a struggle, its becuase that is the nature of our existence every single person on the planet is fighting or struggling to get what they want or where they want to be you say that you have to fight for workers comp and food stamps but just imagine how many people around the world who have no concept of what those terms mean because they dont have an adequate system in place to deal with people who are not working or unable to work either they work or they die its that simple

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Unfortunately too many people have abused the system, whatever system it may be. Because there have been those that have duped organizations into paying out money to people who never deserved it, those oraganizations have made it more difficult on everyone applying to protect themselves from being taken again. I am sorry you are having such a hard time, and I know it is not fair. If you can find a way to better streamline the process and protect organizations from paying out to those who try to cheat the system, I am sure there are people who would pay good money to use it. 

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There's only one thing you have to fight for !

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You have mistaken "rights" for "privileges".

Nobody has a "right" to workers compensation or food stamps.  Those are "privileges" bestowed (usually by government).  And as "privileges", they can be taken away or denied or delayed - all at the whim of government and bureaucrats.  This is especially true of programs that depend on tax revenue, given that there is a limited amount of revenue available.

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Bikergirl Anonymous
Workmans Comp is not designed as a "payback" i.. There is no such thing as a refund. It is designed as insurance. In fact .. I don't know how it is structured where you are .. But here in Canada only the employer pays for that insurance .. The employee pays nothing. like any insurance there is very stringent criteria involved in terms of laying a claim.
Walt O'Reagun
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I don't know about other states. In Oregon, the employer pays 1/2 and the employee pays 1/2 ... unless the employer volunteers to pay it all (not likely, right).

Since it is insurance, it is not a right ... and claims can be denied like any other form of insurance.
Bikergirl Anonymous
I agree it is not a right .. it is a product, like any insurance policy.
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Fight for them?  No you don't have to fight for them.  You do however have to prove you qualify for it.  It's no ones birth right to get these things.

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Sometimes it gets tiring to feel like you have to fight for everything big or small in one's life. I understand. But this is how I look at it. Although the fighting doesn't help my attitude or my general disposition it does give me a feeling of being alive. I am grateful that I still have the chutzpah to fight, it's when I give up that people need to be worried.

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Although I agree, it's not a right, it is a privilege, but what you are fighting are the fakers, they've found a way to to make government and insurance a carrier. Sad really. I once knew this gal, that every time she wanted a raise, she had another baby., I cannot believe my idiot brother wanted to marry her!

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