Why are teenagers turning away from religion?


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The two man reasons appear to be education and the Internet. Perhaps the Net is the biggie.

Until now, kids could be brought up in a religious home, reinforced at a church and Sunday school, have their education provided in religion-friendly schools, and thus be nurtured in a religious environment.

Enter the Internet with its social media, chat sites, Q&A sites, and exposure to hordes of people whose ideas conflict with what they've been taught, and their eyes begin to open. The smart ones are likely to question what they're now learning and see how it stacks up against what they have already been taught; others will see that the restrictions that have been placed on them by a religious upbringing are dismissed by the majority of people world wide as irrelevant (only 32% of the world population are nominally Christian).

So the teens, among others, find the blinders dropping from their eyes and are able to take a more informed stance. Some will abandon religion altogether, some will return to it with a more tolerant outlook, some will transfer their loyalties to another religion that seems more relevant to them.

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They are only turning away from false religion. They want no part of the hypocrisy and dishonesty for which is known for. On the other hand, those that have conducted their own investigation in sincerity and truth have delighted in finding what it is like to be a foot step follower of Jesus.

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"Thoughtful, researched investigations into religion" describe a process but do not guarantee accurate results.

It's too bad that reality is not determined by majority vote.
Ty Hibb
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I think what the bible has to say is of significance

Matt 11:25,26 – At that time Jesus said in response, “I publicly praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and intellectual ones and have revealed them to babes. Yes, O Father, because this is the way you approved.

Pro 26:4,5 – Do not answer anyone stupid according to his foolishness, that you yourself also may not become equal to him Answer someone stupid according to his foolishness, that he may not become someone wise in his own eyes.

Matt 7:6 – Do not give what is holy to dogs nor throw your pearls before swine, so that they may never trample them under their feet and turn around and rip you open.

Pro 29:9 – When a wise man enters into a controversy with a fool, There will be ranting and ridicule, but no satisfaction
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Meanwhile, my post about how I'll rely on science must have offended somebody, because it got deleted.

"You can't HANDLE the truth!"
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I think a good portion of it is that the teens now aren't being raised by religious people, so they aren't that interest in religion to begin with. Other times, the religions they are raised in might not allow them to do what they want. I've also seen that organized religion, in general, is often bashed so they want nothing to do with it.

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Have you checked?

It's not just young people.

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I apologies if this offends anybody.

It is because religion restricts teenagers from doing a lot of things like sex before marriage and doing bad stuff in general and ... Well thats pretty much what teenagers do ( I am not saying all teenagers are like that ) Plus, I think that they see much more logic in science.

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"Christian" religions tend to posit "inconvenient truths" about reality that frequently conflict with what we prefer to think about the nature of our existence.

My internist is 50 years old and is a triathlete. He commented to me one time that he finds it interesting that some 20 and 30 years old males that he sees comment to him that they want to "live forever."  He is amused by the fact that they have no real perspective on what that would actually be like as they aged.

It's similar to the well known comment that the preferred behavior of people in a democracy is not necessarily the type of behavior that will ensure the preservation of that democracy.

Truth is the conformity of the mind to that which exists.  If you adopt an erroneous model of reality, you will choose to think and do things that are perfectly "reasonable" and also perfectly wrong.

It's like assuming the earth is flat---it works quite well for most of our daily living, but it is useless if planetary travel becomes necessary. (Think "escape velocity.")

When you have a general equation in mathematics, the old joke is to choose all the constants to be "zero" and the problem goes away.

Same with living---chose all those "inconvenient truths" to be unimportant or false and you no longer have a problem.

Or do you....................?

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