I met a hot guy before school and we hung out a lot and now I see he's my teacher at my college and idk what to do! I love him but he's a teacher! HELP?


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Don't do anything, try to move on or at least wait until you have finished school. Also, at school age its quite unlikely that youre in love...

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Hot guy? Your teacher?

Let's relate everything, if he's hot, he'd probably according to your attraction be young a bit , right? I won't tell your move on, that is really hard and I know it, how much older is he than you? Find it out, if you tell me , I can seriously help you:)

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Kaitlynn Montgomery
I'm 19 and he's 23
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4 years? If you don't really mind it, 4 years are fine, the age gap above 5 would be too much but this is ok. Just becoz he's your teacher , you might be very worried, calm down, he just earning some money:)
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Well you probably have a crush . I liked my eighth grade science teacher and I was glad to be in his class. What you should do is take his class but understand that it's lust not love. I hope I have helped you, your friend Megan. Good luck to you.

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