How can a person using alcohol be affected physically, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, socially and ethically?


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Alcohol is addictive, people drink to get drunk and they drink everyday and keep drinking till it kills them.

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There are FOUR questions here; all of them are homework questions.  Start with physical: Pro vs Con.  Do that with each category.  You will see that two categories dominate.  Put those two in your thesis statement and conclusion and use the other two to support your research.

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Lots of questions all wrapped up together. Let's try for a general answer.

Alcohol can impair the body's reaction time or, if you have enough, the ability to react at all. It can be very dangerous if you're operating machinery or driving a vehicle.

It lowers the inhibitions which impacts on some of those other areas you mentioned.

Socially it can affect a whole gamut of behaviour from convivial to aggression. Convivial can get you beaten up if you're drunk enough to conviv with somebody's spouse; aggression can get you locked up.

Spiritually? Depends on who you are. Some people suffer from an excess of "gross" when they're drunk, others may wax philosophical. Some, like Omar Khayyam, may well hold booze aloft as a spiritual adjunct. "A Book of Verses underneath the Bough, / A Jug of Wine, a  Loaf of Bread, — and Thou / Beside me singing in the Wilderness — / Oh, Wilderness were Paradise enow."

The religious prohibition is a bit off base when you consider that the Catholic mass and the Protestant communion are both done in response to Christ's  expressed wish at the last supper (when he was enjoying a glass or two himself). He said, "This do in remembrance of me."

Even C.S.Lewis pointed out that the prohibition on drinking belonged to Islam, not Christianity.

But remember always that's there's a difference between a drunk and an alcoholic. A drunk doesn't have to go to the meetings.

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Nothing wrong with alcohol .. However, abusing alcohol is the problem, not the substance itself.

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There is nothing wrong with having an occasional drink. One of Jesus' first miracles in the bible was turning water into wine. This was in celebration of a marriage. The bible however, talks about  when a person becomes drunk. A drunkard or alcoholic is a different circumstance in itself. When consuming too much alcohol you inhibitions are lowered which cause you to act and make decisions that you would normally would not be ok with. This then will have an affect on your emotional and spiritual well being. A domino affect.

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