What is the impact of risky behaviors in youth on the community referring to social, economic, physical and emotional being ?


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So this doesn't directly answer your question but it could be something that can be good to think about.

First, from your question, it appears that you're taking on the stance that risky behavior is something that some young people just randomly do and that it'll affect their social and economic surroundings or standing as well as their physical and emotional wellbeing. However, it's hard to say how risky behavior in youth affects all of the things you've listed because those things you've listed may be factors that are causing or impacting young people's risky behavior. In other words, maybe young people don't just randomly do bad things and it's really pressures from their social and economical standing and/or their physical and emotional wellbeing that is driving them to behave a certain way. So I think a better question to ask is how does risky behavior in youth correlate with  ___insert your list here____.

Second of all, if you really want your question answered, this is probably not a good place to ask that because what you're trying to find out (or at least I hope so) are facts regarding this matter. Asking people who are most likely not qualified to answer this factually is not a good idea because you will get opinions rather than actual facts. This is where it becomes a problem because unfortunately, opinions and facts do not always match up and if we continue to listen to and believe only opinions, it undermines the value of facts and it causes people to ignore and reject evidence that may prove otherwise just because they don't believe in it. Therefore, I suggest that you look up sociological papers and journals (plural, so more than one) concerning this matter because they usually have the statistical evidence to back up their claims rather than just a simple "I think it's this because I say so" kind of reasoning. Do not simply Google this because you'll probably also get a lot of opinions too from bloggers and articles written by journalists who aren't experts in this study. Go search directly to research paper and journal databases that contain works that are done by actual sociologists in the field. From my experience in doing research papers for sociology classes in college, my suggestion, physically leave your house to go to the library (and ask a librarian if you don't know where to find research papers and journals). When trying to find facts, it is important to try to get as many primary resources as possible.

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