Hot topic:). Hate the heat. In debate with partner. What do you set your AC at?


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I keep my AC at 72. Gotta fight the high humidity and I like it chilly.

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Meesh  Dollinger
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I could do that. 75 is just too hot for me.
Ancient Hippy
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I figure that if I'm going to have the AC on, I may as well be comfortable. Of course, I live alone, so there is only one person to please.
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Between 73 and 74 degrees. I don't have a spouse or a significant other. However, my son lives in the basement and freezes. So while I have the AC on, he has a small space heater going on in his bedroom with the door shut. In addition, when I go to sleep, I leave the temp the same but run a fan on in my bedroom.

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Meesh  Dollinger
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I like it @70 and that is with a fan. Night cooler.
Danae Hitch
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I would rather have it too cold than too hot. When it's too hot, you just cannot get cooled down. When you're too cold, you can put on more blankets or warm socks.
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We have no AC. Just open the windows at night and let it cool. In winter central heating is set at 20C (68F).

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I keep it at 72 with the dehumidification setting at 55%. When it get's above 104 outside our a/c struggles to keep the temp, but if we don't start it at 72, the house heats up upwards of 78 on hot days.

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We keep ours between 73-75. My husband would like it cooler because his "mancave" gets so hot from all the electronics in it. Meanwhile I freeze. I think i actually need to program it so it is not as cool at night. We moved about two months ago and I don't think I ever programmed the thermostat.

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Not Online Anymore
We had the same problem. All that needed to be done was for the A/C company to rework the air outlets off the plenum so that our mancave got more flow. It helped alot and was a more inexpensive fix than installing dampers.
PJ Stein
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We probably should have the a/c company come out. The mancave is right next to the unit, but branches off a different direction than the rest of the house. They can probably suggest something.

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