Have you ever given someone else's child the "mom look" and it worked?


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Not me, but a friend of mine was on a flight, and had a kid sitting behind her....this kid was relentlessly kicking her seat....well, mom went to the bathroom, and my friend turned around, gave him the evil eye the kid sat back down and didn't move the rest of the flight!

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Danae Hitch
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When I was growing up, the mom look was something you really did not want to see. Too bad more parents don't know the power of the look.
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Danae Hitch.......Yes, I most definitely have.  I did it to my own and any that grew up around them.  I came from the old school of discipline, stay our of grown folks conversation, mind your own business, speak when spoken too, always be respectful and polite.  Growing up we knew the looks, and trust me - you didn't want to get the look because that would mean further discipline.  I raised mine the same way.  My children, nieces, nephew, and those affiliated with them all know how I am and if I have to give them that look they knew they were in trouble.  They all know I love them and will always have their best interest at heart.  I will protect them and save their life if need be.  So to answer your question yes I have given someone's elses child the look and yes it works.

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Oh yeah. Not long ago I was in Target, and the mom was busy unloading and she looked exhausted. She wasn't really looking at her two boys. (I got the feeling she had already had enough of them.) The younger one was sitting in the seat. He was maybe 3. The older one was sitting in the basket part backed away from mom so she could get her purchases out. The little one hit the older one. The older didn't make a peep. (I suspect he knew mom was about to blow.) Then the little one picks up something and raises his hand to hit his brother with it. I gave him the "mom look" and he just gave one of those cute "what?" smiles. I just stared him down. He put the object back down. As soon as he thought I wasn't paying attention he raised he his hand again. I looked back at him. He knew he was busted, and set back down whatever it was he picked up. I watched that little brat until mom was pushing the cart away.

I think a lot of people are afraid to give the look nowadays out of fear of "disciplining" someone else's child. I don't letting them know that they aren't getting away with something is disciplining.

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I have not, but here is a (sortof connected) story. I was shopping in Waitrose, a slightly upmarket and expensive UK supermarket. A willowy  and very attractive woman in her 30's was wandering around with her 7-year old daughter.

She was on her mobile 'phone the entire time, and her execrable daughter was playing with the food. Throwing it across cabinets, taking out a vacuum packed gammon steak and hitting the corner of the freezer cabinet with it.

Her mother noticed not, and continued to talk.

After watching her daughter trying (and eventually succeeding) to stick her fingers into a paper-pack of sausages (Whilst her mother was still deeply involved on the mobile 'phone) I shouted.

"Will you leave other people's food alone?"

Immediately, vacuous mother was off the 'phone. "Why did you shout at my daughter?"

"Because she is spoiling expensive food and you are not stopping her!"

"Well, next time, tell me first!"

I weep.............

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If she had been paying attention, you wouldn't have had to "tell" her anything! She would have known her kid was being a brat. O my goodness.
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No, not exactly.

But if necessary, he will quickly come to realize that he is part of my world even though he is living in his world and that he will have to take my boundaries into account.

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