How to get my younger brother to stop being lazy? He is always online, lacking school and eating junk food. My mother is too busy with work so she asked me to help. Me and my brother don't really get along though. Tips?


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Physical activities. Try playing ball or going for a bike ride. Maybe build a fort or a tree house together or join a scavenger hunt. Be kids. It doesn't last long.

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I know exactly how that feels. My older brother failed school, always wanted to drop out and had to go to Summer School twice. He's always been lazy and stubborn, and it was really hard to deal with. My parents pretty much gave up on him because they tried everything to help him, but he was too much of a baby to accept their help. The yelling and was really hard. I thought of staying over a friends house for a few nights it got so bad. It sucked...really sucked because Tyler had so much potential...but he didn't want to live up to his better standards. Anyway, I got through and so will you. 

You're not responsible for your brother just like how I am not. I'm guessing he's older, maybe 18? And his friends don't help him either? They kind of made him the person he is today? You just gotta hope that he'll eventually "mature up" and realize the damage he's done to you and your family. Tyler did but it took him 8 really can't do anything to help him. I'm so sorry, if you want to vent, I'm here to talk :)

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