What Does Sibling Mean?


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The word sibling is most commonly used to formally describe a person's brothers or sisters by collectively grouping them together, for example, "I was introduced to Mary's siblings today." This term is not used to refer to a specific sex i.e. Boy or girl, you can still use it if someone has only two brothers or only two sisters. It can also be used to describe one brother and a sister. There is also no age limit to the use of the word sibling as, for example, it can be used to describe brothers and sisters that are over thirty years of age.

The official dictionary definition of the word sibling is used to refer to each of two or more children or offspring which share one or both of the same parents in common. A male sibling is called a brother and a female sibling is called a sister. Siblings usually grow up together and spend much of their time together playing, talking or socialising to ensure that their sibling bond grows and flourishes into a healthy relationship.

Fighting or squabbles between siblings are very common, especially as they reach the teenage years. This is where you will most likely hear the phrase "sibling rivalry".

There are also many situations where the word sibling is adapted. The phrase "half sibling" refers to children who share either the same mother or father. A "uterine sibling" refers to children that share the same mother but have different fathers whereas a "agnate sibling" is used to refer to children who share the same father but different mothers.

There can also be _ siblings where the children share one parent and whose other two parents are full siblings. _ siblings share more of the same DNA than half siblings, but less than full siblings.

A "step sibling" refers to a child of one's step parent that was born from a previous relationship.
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The word 'sibling' can be used for the kids that come out for the womb of same mother. The word is not bound to any particular sex and you can use the word for brother-brothers combination and for sister-sister also. You can use it for the combination of brother-sister also. The following sentence can make you understand the word well as in it the word is being used in context: Squabbles between siblings is a common phenomenon in almost every family. In the above mentioned sentence the phenomenon that is described is the fight that happens usually in every family between the kids of same parents.

You may also come across the term 'sibling rivalry' that describes the competition between two kids of the same parents.
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A brother or a sister
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Family.... Immediate family
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Sibling means your brothers and sisters
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A sibling, is your sister or your brother. When you mom has another baby thats your sibling. If she has a boy then you have a brother, if she has a girl, then you have a sister! :)

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