Do I sound spoiled? I live in a large family house. I generally wear Hollister, Abercrombie, ray ban sunglasses. I have an iPhone 6 plus. I always go to Saudi Arabia on holidays and in the summer.


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Personally, I don't think people are "spoiled" just because they have a lot of cool things or enjoy a wealthy lifestyle... It's more about how they let that environment affect them.

I know some very wealthy people who are extremely down to Earth and humble, and other people who are moderately well off but act like they're in The Kardashians.

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I don't think you're spoiled but just have a wealthy family. Having good things doesn't make you spoiled, it's how you treat other people who aren't as well off as you are. If you're snobby to people, then that's part of being spoiled but if you treat everyone as you wish to be treated then you're fine. To me, being spoiled is more of an attitude than what you have.

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It depends on what you mean. Spoiled can be taken two ways, the general way of thinking about being spoiled is more of an attitude. You expect things and feel entitled. When you don't get your way, you may throw a tantrum and get angry. The other is more general, just being someone who is given anything and everything they want, just getting what you want is a sign someone spoiled you, and you may be spoiled in the sense of having things and getting them handed to you without having to work for them without acting spoiled and greedy.

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You don't sound spoiled- just wealthy.

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Do you sound like your family has money? Yes. Are you spoiled? I don't know -- signs of being spoiled could include not liking/making fun of people who don't wear or can't afford the clothes you favor, being rude, bullying, feeling entitled to things that others don't have.

Going to a foreign country every year might seem extravagant to some people, but if you're visiting family that's not being spoiled either.

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As someone who has worked a lot in Saudi Arabia, I cannot see how that is a good place to holiday, ever. The Malls are OK, the food is good, but everything else...

I hope I didn't upset you. I have Saudi friends and even they try to get away from the place whenever possible.

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Feras Rocks
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It's my home country.
Ray Dart
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England is my home country. I don't holiday here (and would never consider holidaying in Saudi, I'm sure you are proud of your background and country, so stay that way.)
Feras Rocks
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I'm glad that I go to Saudi Arabia.
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Not just from that description. I have one grandson who is a clothes horse and only wears name brands. He is spoiled because his dad is a working man ( a roofer ) with a son who has to keep up with the Jonses' even if it means working his dad to death.

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It's not either having money or coming from a wealthy family that makes you spoiled.  It's the kind of person you are with this wealth that makes you either spoiled or not spoiled. 

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Hollister and Abercrombie sounds a bit pretentious. As least that's how it's looked at here in the states among teenagers and young adults. Richer kids who were better taught would laugh behind those who adorn themselves with such huge branding across their chest. Heck, even the poor kids knows the CEO of Abecrombie is a pretentious douche that fool individuals into becoming his little clone.

However, being spoiled has more to do with attitude and how you act among others.

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Spoiled is a term that is better translated as "Entitled".

So if having all of these nice things, has caused you to think lesser of others whom do not have access to such nice things, AND you feel in some ways, that your wants need be taken care of in priority to others, then you feel superior and a bit entitled.

If you do not feel this way and can look upon others on level ground . . You are not "Spoiled" (Entitled).

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You are fortunate. Spoiled is when you whine for what you want then get it and don't appreciate it. If your are grateful,  gracious and unassuming, you are normal if none of the above, Yes spoiled!

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Dude, I love your hair. You don't sound spoiled to me, you have nice things but you don't act like a brat, right? :3 Someone who is spoiled wouldn't realize it and you are asking so I say, no :)

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