I am part of the same group as Hitler and Alexander the Great. Do you think I can be a dictator & do you believe me?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Hitler and Alexander were as different as night and day and shouldn't even be classified together. I don't believe you, because your facts are wrong and you'll never be a dictator.

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No I doubt that you will be dictator but who knows? A German woman who was a sweet lady told me Hitler got a bad deal in life..  My late grandfather was full German and living with him was like Hitler. My last name is a horrible German name. My late grand-dad was racist  against Italians so he never cared much when his son ( uncle) married a Italian ..It's sad :( I still battle some demons and I don't want have the same thoughts as my late grand-dad but it was all cause of being raised around it  :/

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Now first thing , no I don't believe you! Reason; all that happened long back, you might be their son and all that is no more so you aren't a part of it first of all. And secondly you can't be a dictator without a reason or people's support!

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