I am an English traveller and have got nothing to do, I'm home schooled, how could I make more friends? There Is nobody around my area my age I'm guessing.


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Just enjoy being yourself....making friends isn't that necessary...I'm sure you will find someone good along your way!

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Try to make friends all around the world while you are travelling. It's important to have some friends because they can help, really. It's useful to have them, in case you meet some problems then you don't feel alone as well.

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Yes thanks&when I mean traveller I mean a Gypsy x
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Hi Becca- there's always a problem if you write Traveller with a lower case t! Very few people associate the word 'traveller' with Gypsy. I'm glad you explained.
Personally I think I can understand why you are home schooled - it can work out really well and lots of girls in your situation go on and do vey well in their studies. But - as you are finding out it is also isolating - especially if as you say there are few young people in your area.

A lot depends on what your parents feel about you going out and about. Every area will have classes/clubs for young people - you can find about them at your local library - that's always a good place to start.

There might be something in you area for young Travellers - you never know. 
 Have you had a look at the Traveller's Time website Tavellerstimes.org.uk? It's a magazine for Travellers by Travellers and you can see what's happening all over England.

I don't know if you've see this article about a girl called Roxy Freeman
Roxy was home schooled like you - I think you will find it interesting. 
 If you want to let me know which area you live in I could see if I could find out a bit more about what's happening in your part of the country.
becca angel
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Taa gorjas & ta thank you so much Kathryn , was looking for a good detailed answer lyk this and yes please thank u very much. I live in Willesden

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