Why are breasts often called boobs?


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Well here's my two cents....growing up I always heard "breasts" referred to as "boobs" or "boobies" so naturally I call them that as that was what I was taught. I knew they were actually called breasts, but when you grow up with certain words or descriptions, that's what is familiar and comfortable!

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I thought maybe it just turned the word and got the new word! I have no idea what I'm saying! It's a very tough question! You know just like this one , I haven't been able to figure out why crazy people are called nuts! You know I don't like saying those words that's why you might think my answer is a bit confusing!

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Never have figured that one out myself. I've heard them called many things, but that one always stumped me. Maybe a woman will answer and we'll both know !

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Funnily enough, people have been wondering about the origin of the word "boobs" for years, but there is an answer to this question.  The word "boob" is derived from the Spanish word "bobo" which means "stupid."

People would often say things like "You're a boob", and you've no doubt heard of a "booby prize" or "booby trap".  Yep, they're basically prizes and traps for a stupid person.

So, boobs are stupid, right? Nope, that's not the end of the journey to the origin of boobs.  The Oxford English Dictionary suggests that the term "boobies" was used in Tropic of Cancer, a sexual novel published in 1934.  It's usage within the novel is as follows:

"She was lying on the ground with her boobies in her hands."

There are, however, reports of usages of the term in 1929, through the Latin puppa (little girl), "which begat the English bubby".  So there we have it - the first use of the term boob was evident in the earlier "bubby", which has most likely evolved to "booby" and "boobs" over time.

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I'm waiting to see what mister Boy will say.......he might recieved lots of notifs...oh and Ben too.
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Yeah, hahaha that's funny.
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Yes it is!  They might both be excited what it is!  And when they'd see it theyll say"oh not my business" hhaha I'll drop on the floor if id imagine Ben's expression! ROFLOL
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The Oxford English Dictionary
says people in the 16th century first started using “boob” and “booby”
as insults for being stupid. That likely sprang from the Latin balbus, meaning stammering, which then gave way to the Spanish bobo for stupid.

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