Why did my bf have a one night stand when he said we have a good relationship?


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I think he is not ready yet for the serious relationship.

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Some guys just want to try new things but they might not see how important the relationship is to you. I don't understand how he could do that if he really cared for you. So I think he lied to you. We should chat some time about the matter.

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Good for you. I think you should give him a second chance. Was he drunk because he might have done it by accident. I think the reason he told her he didn't have someone in his life was that he was ashamed of what he did to you. Now I am not an expert but he does need to earn your trust back and personally I feel that he won't do it again and I hope he doesn't. Because if he does then I don't really know if he feels sorry about it. If you see suspicious activity like hiding his phone or acting weird ask him is he OK is anything going on etc. Then maybe one day if you feel he isn't telling the truth ask to see his phone. If he wants to earn that trust back he will probably give you the phone. He might have something to hide if he doesn't want to. My friend and her bf give each other their phones spontaneously because then they could delete stuff if there was like a set day or time. Those are relationship goals. But I really liked how you handled this situation.
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It's difficult to know why your boyfriend would do that without knowing him, and what the dynamics of your relationship are.

Sometimes people have one night stands and immediately regret it, and realise that what they already have is great. That's not defending the action, it's just being open-minded to the fact that sometimes people make really bad decisions!

Alternatively, maybe your boyfriend's heart was not really in your relationship to begin with. It's tough to accept, but it could be the case that he told you that you have a good relationship - and he may have meant it- but he's just not ready to be in a committed relationship with anyone right now.

My advice is not to dwell on what happened, and spend too much time wondering about why it happened. If you truly believe that he loves you then maybe you will want to give him another chance, or maybe you don't trust him any longer and want to break up. Either way, it's up to you. Do what you need to do to be happy.

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I don't think the female population knows why men do what they do. Okay I think that you should yeah let him earn your trust back but if he screws up again then you should forget about him and move on.

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