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That's not a real friend, thats someone who is using you to get to their same crush. If you believe that she is your real friend, tell her how you feel about her doing that, or try to ease the answer out of her. Ex: Say, " I cant believe u dont like him"..." are you guys friends now? You are always around him"... Or give her the bitch " What are you doing? Why are you hanging on my guy? You supposedly told me you dont like him"

Hope this helps :) Good Luck

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John Doe answered

Sounds like your friend is more into your crush than she lets on! She's seeking him out and hugging him?.....Yeah she likes him!

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Sara Lewis answered

It sounds as though perhaps your friend has a crush on your crush too...

However! Before making assumptions, I think it would be a good idea to talk to her about this, and ask her how she feels. If she's a true friend I'm sure she will be honest with you, and if you do both like the same person then you can figure out what to do from there.

But give her a chance to tell her side. There could be another explanation. Some people are just naturally flirty and touchy-feely, and perhaps you are just hyper sensitive when she behaves like that with your crush because you like them, when actually she might be like that with everyone.

Or it could be that she is a little jealous of the attention you are giving to him, and is trying to get some of the focus back on to her because of her own insecurities?

Whatever it is, don't let it come between the two of you. Talk it through and hopefully you can get your friendship back on track.

Always try to remember that guys may come and go, but good friendships are definitely worth holding on to.

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