What is the impact of risk behaviour in youths?


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The impact of youths taking risks is that first the world will have a slower development as the youths don't realise their talent and uniqueness and take such hard risks like suicide and if they continue like this then it may lead to something really bad!

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Potentially, the impact of risk behaviour can be huge in younger people. This is generally because adolescence is a time for experiencing new things, and discovering who you are. 

Unfortunately, much of the experimenting younger people take part in comes with some pretty big risks, and can leave a lasting impact.  Here are some examples.

Drug abuse

Adolescents often engage in drug use alongside their peers as a way to experiment and also fit in with the crowd.  The risks of this type of behaviour include addiction, and even overdose leading to death.  Alongside the physical risks of drug use, there is also the risk of incarceration.


As with drug use, youths often engage in binge drinking with their friends.  When intoxicated, individuals are more susceptible to violence, and dangerous behaviour with a false sense of bravado.  Alongside this, binge drinking can lead to alcohol addiction, and even death.


The impact of risky behaviour conducted by youths can cause serious injury, and even death.  Dangerous driving, violence, and even suicide attempts top the list of risky behaviour for youths. 

Sexual encounters

A lack of protection, and multiple partners is a risk behaviour many youths will experience.  This type of behaviour can lead to sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.  It can also lead to young pregnancies. 

Ultimately, there are plenty of risks undertaken by youths as they develop.  Most of these may seem harmless on the surface, but could lead to a life of addiction, physical ailment, or even a life cut short.

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