How Do You Fold A Mamas And Papas Freestyler Pushchair Down?


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The Mamas Papas Freestyler pushchair is a sturdy durable thing. Due to the strong nature of the design, it may take a fair amount of power for folding the chair and releasing the fold.

One cannot categorically state the exact way to fold your pushchair down because there are different types of chairs from the Mama Papas freestyler. Different chairs may incorporate different settings with regards to folding or unfolding them. Hence it is advisable to refer to your manual. May be your chair may have some bolts or locks. You may have to remove the bolt or unlock the lock to fold it aptly. However the best advice would be to take your pushchair to the vendor who sold it to you. He or she will be in a best position to help you.
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Folding a Mamas and Papas Freestyler Pushchair is apparently, not an easy one handed process. After searching many places for information, I finally came upon a blog with some explanation. This was a conversation between several people who were comparing the pros and cons of the Freestyler and other similar products.

From what I read, you first take the baby carrier off the frame and then push the handle downward toward the wheels. Then push the buttons on the sides where the frame and handle meet and fold down the frame. The folded frame and the baby carrier must be separated to fold the pushchair.

If, this does not work for you, then I suggest you ask among the mothers with babies, how they fold their pushchair. Also you could call the manufacturer and request they send a diagram with directions on the folding process. Or, you might try checking in the telephone book, for a local baby store in your area, which sells this product. If, you visit the store I feel certain a clerk would be willing to let you see a set of directions and a diagram on folding the pushchair.

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