I have depersonalization disorder and I want to know how to cure it. I want to kill myself to make it stop but I am not depressed and don't even want to die. What can I do to get rid of depersonalization disorder?


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Are you seeing a therapist? If not, you might try that. You might also look into meditation, don't know if it would help, but it couldn't hurt. Good luck to you.

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Ending your life isn't going to make things better. It will only make it worse. Things like that are a challenge but you can stop it. Just ending your life isn't the way. You should talk to your parents about how you have been feeling. And maybe recommend a doctor.

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Suicide is very much not the answer as you'll effect others as well and I'm sure that a method of therapeutic treatment will help you.

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Suicide doesn't make everything perfect. It ends all of the chances of things getting better. Think of the life that you'd be leaving behind, and the people that would mourn your death.

I looked up your disorder a little bit and most of the treatment was therapy. Another treatment was medication, but there is only medication to treat symptoms of your disorder, (like depression and anxiety), not your disorder itself. Recovery is possible, and I think the best first step in that would involve therapy. Go to a therapist, become more socially active, basically, just have a healthy lifestyle. Try to lay off drugs and alcohol.

I wish you the best of luck. :)

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It sounds like you may have an overload of chemicals in your system. Let me explain. There are at least two metallic chemicals that can cause a healthy person to have character issues and suicidal tendencies. They are Lead and Mercury. Mercury is the most effective and immediate of the two metallic chemical. A high level of either of these metals could be the culprit. Dental fillings that are made from these compounds can leak and mix with various food and beverages consumed by you. 

An effective counter to this issue is to take supplements that rid the body of these poisonous metals. A good combination is Selenium with vitamin E. (2-Selenium with 3 vitamin E capsules) for 3 or 5 days within a month .  If the culprit is some other toxin like arsenic, then you should try Charcoal capsules. (4 charcoal capsules )  when you have  those headaches, nausea or jittery feelings.  Charcoal will not help if the culprit is Lead or Mercury. Good health to you!

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