Is a break-up via text a legitimate break-up?


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Not to me it isn't. If possible a break-up should be in person or at least on the phone. Don't text ! Call at least!

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The woman was treated royally. She didn't have the ovaries to break up with me to my face. She touched her phone no more than 3 seconds and told me "I'm done. PERMANENTLY." I misunderstood her text. So I DESERVED that? I DON'T THINK SO!!
Rooster Cogburn
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Damien Baker: I'll admit, you were treated lousy! Actually, if someone broke up with you like that? Then I think you're better off than her. You'll find a real lady who wants you for you and to be with you. You'll see. That one sure doesn't have any heart or guts.
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Thanks again.
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The least the guy could do is call. I mean, if you want to talk in technichal terms I'd say yes, it is a break up but it is the dumbest way to break up with someone.

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Well, I wouldn't say it's among the best ways of doing it. I know that sometimes it might be scary to look at a person in the eyes and tell them it's over, but it is always good to let your feelings out and it is also a nice way to show delicacy and respect towards the other person.

If you live far away from this person, at least call them. Hearing someone's voice is better than reading a text, no matter how nice it can be. If you live in two different parts of the world, there's always Skype or a way to videocall without having to text him or her.

Although breaking up via text isn't the best idea, there are some situations where this might be necessary. Maybe this person is avoiding you, so the only way to tell them is through a text. Maybe it's safer to text them because this person is abusive and you don't want to take any risks. Here you can find a list of 10 times it's okay to dump someone via text.

However, unless the situation is extreme, I would recommend to take up all the courage you have and tell them in person. It will be better for him or her, but it will help you as well: It's a good chance to grow and learn how to express your feelings. Best of luck!

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