Can boys and girls be close friends?


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My bf hates that I have male friends, they're neighbors and childhood friends I didn't go out looking for male friends it just happens. But he's hellbent that boys and girls can't be friends because of his own experiences before we met. I think it comes down to the individuals, some people just can't do it. But thanks for your answers, appreciate it, gonna make him read it and weep.

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I think it is totally fine for girls and boys to be friends, or even best friends. One of my closest frinds is a boy, and I am so glad. I also love how I can tell him stuff andhe wont be as judgmental as some of my girl friends. Its great to have male friends, trust me.

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Absolutely! I have many close friends that are guys and sometimes friends of the opposite sex are the best. When you are friends with a guy you are able to talk about things that make sense with them that would not with some of your friends that may be girls or vice verse. Having friends of the opposite sex is definitely more a benefit than disadvantage.

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Yes they can but it depends upon them only. In most of the things it
happens that one of both have started feelings wings and went ahead to
the love.
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yes of course they can. My best friend is a boy and we have the best time always. Its a lot less stressful than being best friends with a girl trust me because with him its no bs and we talk about everything.

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