What makes you smile when you're having a bad day?


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Didge Doo Profile
Didge Doo answered

Mrs Didge. She doesn't allow long faces in the house and usually finds some way to make me laugh.

Deston Elite Profile
Deston Elite answered

A package that I've been waiting on for 2 weeks finally arriving. But then I remember that I've been having a bad day so something is bound to happen to it.

Tinkerbell St. Basil Profile

The unconditional love of my dogs

Erick Sims Profile
Erick Sims answered

BLURTIT makes me smile!

Nikki Ridgerider Profile

Food. I love to eat. Just kidding! My family. Being nice. To each other. And happy. Or friends. These sentences. Are. Very. Choppy.

Lia Tan Profile
Lia Tan answered

There's this weird kid who's in the math class I am a teacher assistant in as well as in my art class. He's so weird but so funny that even though I'm feeling kinda down, his carefree attitude and sense of humor cheers me up. He doesn't appear to cheer me up or try to make me laugh intentionally, but he never fails in doing so. He's probably considered a dork or a nerd to most people, but that's sorta what makes him an interesting person to be around and the reason why he knows so many cool things that makes me laugh. It's somewhat hard to explain if you don't know the person. But once you meet him and get over the fact that he's a total weirdo, you'll realize what a wonderful person he is.

larissa kowlessar Profile

A funny comedy can make my day, or even seeing other people happy can make me smile! 

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