Me and my mother in law are in love, my wife also knows this but me and my mother want to have sex. How is this possible?


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dont do it, your a married man.. Plus she's THE MOTHER of your wife, its just wrong

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This is a really unnatural situation my friend. So your wife knows about this?? And she's ok with it??

Not only are you going to be ruining your own marriage, but also that of your father in law, so you best be sure this isn't just a fling of some sort, as you will regret it as soon as it's over then.

There are plenty of women in the world, if you are unhappy with your current relationship, why don't you break thing off and go out in the world once again, but to go with the mother in law, that's just not a good thing

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You two are like little kids here who are infatuated with each other. You two are only kidding each other here with this.  You married your wife so stay true to your vows and remember its not having what you want but wanting what you have,  so is your marriage worth throwing away over a moment of grandeur?  Youre best off forgetting all about this, grow up and save your marriage instead of living a pipe dream

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Are you kidding me? You're married and that's her mom! This is disturbing. Make love to your wife not her mom.

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