Who would like a person thats fat?


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Chelsey Erstad answered
Anyone who doesn't judge by the cover
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Yes ,but sometimes you have to be honest with them ,that they may be risking their health if they don't at least try to maintain a healthier weight.even i had to admit that to myself.it still does not mean they are not the same person even if the exterior changes to a slighlty healthier one for them.
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I use to be obese now i am overweight according to weight and bmi charts.
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Just walk,yep walk for 15-20-30 minutes a day as i said in my other answer to your question.and don't expect to lose it all at once .lose it over time becuase it took a long time to put the weight on.so take it off the same way,a little at a time.
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A real person who looks beyond the exterior and sees the real beauty of a person as they know the exterior can always change
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Anyone who does not look at the figure of someone. But looks at the personality of the person that is deep down. If they make fun of that person they are mean and ignorant. And if they dont see that than they are just big jerks!

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Anyone that isn't shallow and ignorant would be friends with a fat person. People are special on the inside and loosers don't see that.

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