Who Likes The Fact That We Have Many Friends Across The Spectrum? (world Wide) On This Site...


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The friends are what make the site worth it.
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Yeah, i love making friends with people from different countries :)
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I love it. Its great getting to meet people and talk in depth in ways you may not otherwise be able to out in your day to day business. This site is also much more friendly than others
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jacques slabouz
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True that...Gvp...Now I know the time zones better...(aussie land , UK, UAE...places from around the globe.)
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I used to work at a gas station years ago next to a GE training facility and it was kind of like this, meeting people from all over the country, all over the world... I remember a group of people coming in and asking me if I knew where they were from, Well half were Scottish and half were Irish, and wouldn't you know I said the Scots were from Ireland, and the Irish from Scotland... And then after they protested and corrected me I went on to tell them they all sound alike LOL
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It is a great fact having friends from across the world. Hence the fact that there ARE some IMPOLITE people here.  P.S. I notice this website has the most friendly and supportive users you could ever imagine.
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I love meeting people and learning where they come from and what they think about Life.
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I like the fact that we can chat with people we meet. Also, there are many nice people here that I have developed "friend" relationships despite the fact we haven't spoken face-to-face.

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