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I say ... Go for your what you want and for what will make you happy.. The good thing about it is he has been honest to you.. He can always lie.. If you think you can take a risk and try him out then go.. And if he really love this girl he wouldn't be flirting with you from the start.. You actually are helping the girl.. You can never tell you might just change him.. Just remember that we all are different.. He might just be different to you.. know what you want and set limits.. Tell him what you want.. You may just give it a try but sooner or later you gotta let him choose one...

sometimes people need to meet someone else for them to realize that their present relationship is all crap.. We all know that being in a relationship doesn't assure you forever.. Even married couple separate.. And so for me.. If you are attracted to him then give it a try.. But you got to be prepared for ALL the possibilities it may bring..
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You have said he has a girlfriend,and if you make a move on him, what goes around comes around, if you want to be just friends than have him introduce you to his girl friend and you all hang out to gather I have heard nothing about him wanting or planning to give up his already girlfriend,go slow and no one will get hurt, just remember his girlfriend has feelings also.....the best to you
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Thats the reason why i don't want to pursue anything. I have been cheated on i do not like it at all, and it made me think if he is even talking to me and being touchy thats still cheating and if i got in a relationship with him thats all i would be able to think about.
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The most likely outcome of this is that he's going to have to pick between the girlfriend and you. It probably won't end well. But most of the best things I ever had were the ones that didn't end well. I try to live in the moment without worrying about what may be. Buy the ticket, take the ride, and enjoy every minute of it till it's over.
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Just imagine for a second him out one day while you are at work doing the same to another girl.... If he will do it to her he will do it to you... He just wants some booty...
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He sounds like a sleazeball. Just ignore him; yours is the kind of interest that makes people push buttons that say "do not push."

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