Is It Really Necessary To Get An Email Every Time Someone On Your Friends List Asks A Question?


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Set your preferences on News preferences.
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Its because you have so many friends.  You are such a popular guy.  I guess you can change your settings but most of this questions are good and/or interesting.  I just go and delete the ones about subjects I know nothing about.  You could just delete the users that you hardly ever talk to also.
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As solentjay says i would think you could set your preferences to allow or stop notifications to all your friends actions.(questions,shares,so on). I just got a e-mail that you asked this question so now i have to decide if i want ot have all my friends activities to be sent to me by e-mail.: )
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O yea that is annoying my sister has something like this and she has like 3000 in her inbox i think its kinda funny  but annoying lol
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No it's not just you because I checked my mail, and the reason why I'm answering this is because it said " Your friend has asked a question ( then it tells you the question ) " Maybe because their your friend, and maybe their asking a question you know about because maybe that's why they wanted to be your friend, or theirs much much more reasons why. I don't like them ether.
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I agree with you 100% ! Most everyone checks in at least once a day & the questions will be posted for you to view when you do check in, so to me it is a unnecessary nuisance. But as stated by you and so many others, we can change it if we decide to so.
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The reason you get an e-mail is to let you know you have a question from one of your friends in-case you only occasionally go onto the site.  Some people would only go on sometimes and it lets them know they have a question.  There must be a way of stopping it if it annoys you.  Maybe you have too many friends LOL
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Good day my friend ,I am hardly here recently,I've lots of my more important thing
than the blurit I've already  not surf  for a long time at between  asked questions ."Is this necessary the email notification after the  asked questions from  friends" I 've only two here .Well I believe it's important,but how could I   ask a question  such a way that it will post to my friends email address?
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Just set your preferences in your edit profile section to stop receiving e-mail notifications.. Set new ones at your news feed. Both areas have the same functions, but news feed doesn't e-mail and you can change to set your current mood.. Click on news feed, a new tab opens up. Preferances. You can see it all or just a few, or just one. I only choose comments, then go see all the comments my friends made. Go back and choose answers, I see all the answers my friends just gave. It's to cool.
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No, and there are several options to getting rid of that, but,,,, by reading your comments to other answers, I gather you got that figured out. Lol You can also change them in your account settings. Tigg
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Yeah because in this way if you are not in touch with your Blurtithood then you can easily come back to your hood and do all the activities like answer, questions, shouts and even you can join them in their happiness, sadness through prayers or charities!
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I know it is annoying but just don't check your email all the time.. I have a comcast email account and i don't check it like evryday... I check it every few days.
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I see u got your answer and the reason i know u ask this question is because i got an email saying that you had a this question and for me its not annoying because i dont have as many friends as u and they dont ask that many questions as for me i like to share questions with my friends sometimes so i will put it out there. Sorry u had to go thru all that but at least u found out how to stop it and thats what counts. Just dont consider leaving blurtit u are one of my dearest friends on here and if u do please let me know so i can send u my email address. Have a good one auntiealma
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I see what you mean! It's so stupid to have your email full of messages about these "updates".
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Umm not if u want the answer 2 ur question fast!!!! Or if u 4gt the question u wrote but really god knows!!
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Really i wonder the same think and sometimes let you end up deleting good emails.
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It sometimes looks odd by seeing my inbox full loll, for this beautiful site, I have an email ID especially for this site.

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