Does Anyone Know Or Have You Ever Known Any Conjoined Twins Or Their Family Members?


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No, but when my mother was carrying my youngest sister, she started out as a twin, but she was the stronger of the two, and she absorbed the remains of her twin, and there is another set of fraternal twins in my family, a boy and girl. Hope this helps.
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conjoined twins,I have twin sisters,perhaps you did not get my question, I'm asking about conjoined twins,twins born joined at the hip,stomach etc. I've only read about them or heard talk of them via tv etc.........thanks
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I know what you meant, sorry I should have mentioned that love. I haven't seen any where I live, but I did see several of them on the talk shows back when they were trying to educate people about things in the world. Do you have conjoined twin sisters? Or just twins.

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