How Can I Get Rid Of House Centipedes Without Poisoning My Family?


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Moving from the city to the country, I am afraid of all the things that crawl here. I go to a department store and purchase sticky boards,  glue pads, and the ones for rats. Those I cut the sides off so there is a smooth edge. The larger boards, I cut in half.  I have these placed all around my home, along with moth balls. If mothballs keep snakes away, perhaps it would work for centipedes. Do you see them in the walking area of your home? If you have pets, the boards have to be hidden.  Here they have another kind of sticky board that is strong enough to hold snakes. Do you know how they are getting in? Is there a specific area you see them. I have heard they are found around bricks, not sure if house centipedes are the same. I think I would notify someone in the animal control or something. Have you heard others complain of the same? I feel for you and your family and I do hope the situation is solved quickly. Best wishes/
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I'm not too sure here but would regular steam cleaning everywhere help as it would contain no chemicals
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I'm afraid that you aren't going to be able to do this without an exterminator. They make pesticides much safer today compared to what they used 20 years ago. You could also try what G said, sounds plausible. Hope this helps, good luck.
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Can't you get in the people who are in the business of ridding houses of unwanted creatures? Like Rentokil etc?

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