Are There Any Secrets To Being Happy And Content?


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Penny Kay answered
Secrets? Don't know! What helps me;LAUGHTER!Laughter,laughter!
2. Hang out with POSITIVE people and Pet's. Gratitude for What you ARE, and last of all, what you have. Learn to Love yourself, the way God Loves You! Be a cheerful giver, AND A GRACIOUS RECEIVER. THAT IS HUMILITY. NEVER DISCOUNT ANY PERSON OR EXPERIENCE, in your life. There is wisdom all around you. " IN ALL THINGS, GIVE THANKS. That means, ALL THINGS. Be Kind to yourself and others. Don't sweat the small stuff. LAUGH OFTEN! Don't take yourself too seriously. Find God., Love.
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suman kumar answered
There are no secrets, do not think about the past or the future, take things as they come. As simple as that.

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